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Agent Provocateur Launches Swim of the Day


Malcolm Mclaren, the Sex Pistol’s manager who posted bail for Sid Vicous before his mother injected him with a lethal dose of heroin…..had a kid with Vivianne Westwood, a fashion designer who basically dressed the punk rock band in the 70s, because Punk is so Punk that they care about designer clothing and making millions…you know the least punk thing possible…

They had a kid…and that kid who was clever enough to say “Hey, these brands of lingerie aren’t authentic to the history of hosiery…they aren’t as sexy or amazing as lingerie was in the 1920s…how can we be 80 years older but our under garments are just throwaway walmart quality shit…when lingerie should be sexy…I know, I’ll use mommy’s money and make a brand of very expensive lingerie that instagram models everywhere will make their sugar daddy’s buy for them…because people love expensive things…”..

Well, Agent Provocateur has branched out into swimsuits…now that they are the biggest and baddest brand in panties…why not take on swim..

Here’s their lookbook…get ready for these to pollute your instagram feed…

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