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Agent Provocateur Sugar Baby Bikinis with Lambos of the Day

Agent Provocateur gets that the 90s are in. They also know that their audience is primarily instagram hookers who use their instagram to command higher weekend rates with the guys they “date”…for rent money…

They know that it’s the primary gift from rich married guys to their mistresses, or even rich guys in general to girls that are hot and sexy and worth paying for, because you get to be in charge and they won’t complain because you cater to their materialistic bullshit yet hot existence…it’s all transactional..

So they went into swimwear because sugar babies are more than just into fucking in hotel rooms, but also going to the beach or rocking out on the yacht…and this is their campaign with vintage 90s lambos that is actually styled and exactly what I’d want..

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Agent Provocateur Christmas of the Day


Becca Hiller is the model..Becca Hiller is some LA based Norwegian model who probably has her work visa because the US Immigration may not like Mexicans, but they hand out these O-1 visas for people with “exceptional” ability like it was fucking candy – to models….all they need is to be published once and to have a model agency, which is often times an escort agency…and that alone gets them into the country for 2-5 years, making them eligible for a Green Card…all for being hot…Becca Hiller is working it for Agent Provocateur Holiday…

Which makes sense because Agent Provocateur is the high end lingerie company that sugar babies fucking love – they think it looks good in their slutty instagram pictures – because lingerie is a thing to put out there on social media – so everyone knows how erotic, sensual, lovely, great, half naked and frisky you can be….but it’s not gratuitous – a cry for attention – a “please get me followers”….it’s for a “casual shoot for a fake magazine with some instagram photog”…that her parents are probably proud of…

Well this sugar baby is actually working for the brand…owned by the son of Sex Pistol’s manager…who was rich to begin with but deserves to be rich for doing high end lingerie girls like showing off like it is status – cuz I like looking at girls in lingerie…

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Agent Provocateur Lingerie Campaign of the Day


Agent Provocateur is arguably the hottest mall brand lingerie – because it is more expensive than Victoria’s Secret, has better design than Victoria’s Secret, and because it pretends to not be a mall brand – but rather something all the instagram sluts get their sugar daddy’s to buy to make them feel special about taking 12 loads on their face before the main dude pisses it off them clean on some DUBAI adventure – they all seem to go on….”well he bought a first class ticket for me”…..prostitutes are everywhere amongst us…like the zombie apocalypse predicted…they walk amongst us – taking their selfies and doing their shameless snapchats everywhere they go – thinking they are more important than they are…fucking rich guys to validate it…which has nothing to do with this shoot, but probably applies to the models in said shoot..

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Agent Provocateur’s Lingerie of the Day


Agent Provocateur is the Victoria’s Secret for people who have a little bit more money than working as a Walmart clerk….receptionist…middle of the road person who has accepted that they don’t deserve to have hopes and dreams…but rather live within their means…buying panties on deal that seemingly have more sex appeal than the department store kind…or black chicks, strippers, and mall shopping teens around america…you know who don’t want to go for the 150 – 2000 dollar “high concept version”…

This Agent Provocateur shit is a brand I’ve actually been into, when it was doing vintage lingerie, you know quality lingerie, fetishy with a look that the fabrics wouldn’t give you a yeast infection…

But it has become the sugar baby, instagram, brand of underwear that allows them to feel really classy in their whoring..thanks to marketing..

This is their Spring campaign…I think, I don’t remember, I just saw pics of girls in panties and pulled it to post here…because I like girls in panties…whether they are self produced whores, or brands pandering to these self produced whores, especially when they are no Victoria’s Secret, unless Victoria’s Secret actually owns them in some backdoor deal…because backdoor is all I assume the sugar daddy’s who buy their girls this shit are getting….it’s how they keep the gifts coming…reward your sponsor / master / employer….

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Agent Provocateur Launches Swim of the Day


Malcolm Mclaren, the Sex Pistol’s manager who posted bail for Sid Vicous before his mother injected him with a lethal dose of heroin…..had a kid with Vivianne Westwood, a fashion designer who basically dressed the punk rock band in the 70s, because Punk is so Punk that they care about designer clothing and making millions…you know the least punk thing possible…

They had a kid…and that kid who was clever enough to say “Hey, these brands of lingerie aren’t authentic to the history of hosiery…they aren’t as sexy or amazing as lingerie was in the 1920s…how can we be 80 years older but our under garments are just throwaway walmart quality shit…when lingerie should be sexy…I know, I’ll use mommy’s money and make a brand of very expensive lingerie that instagram models everywhere will make their sugar daddy’s buy for them…because people love expensive things…”..

Well, Agent Provocateur has branched out into swimsuits…now that they are the biggest and baddest brand in panties…why not take on swim..

Here’s their lookbook…get ready for these to pollute your instagram feed…

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Agent Provocateur by Ellen Von Unwerth of the Day

Agent Provocateur didn’t pay me for this post, but they did pay Ellen Von Unwerth and the two relatively unknown, because they are not credited anywhere, and I’m too busy to try to use my facial recognition blindness to figure out who they are, because all these people are interchangeable…

But Agent Provocateur was and probably is the most interesting mainstream lingerie brand, with perceived quality, that rich people love buying, and that is styled far more interesting than super mainstream, mall brand Victoria’s Secret…Founded by Vivianne Westwood and Sex Pistol’s manager’s son….with the idea of bringing classic lingerie from that early 1900s…you know bringing some eroticism to the shit…and now with instagram…they are outfitting all the good sugar babies…who like quality to compliment their slutty…

I was always a bit of a fan, you know being into hot, clean looking, elegant sluts in lingerie, even if they are a bit too mainstream now…

Well, not mainstream enough to bring in what is probably the best photographer of the times, Ellen Von Unwerth, who makes the two “naughty” girls frolicking around an old English manor house in corsets, crystals and luxurious lengths of finest silk…feel semi authentic…

I just wish there was more pussy slips, bush flashes, and nipples, but I guess that’s not Youtube friendly, and they aren’t that kind of brand anymore, now that they are in malls…boring…but still hot….

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Agent Provocateur Lingerie Show of the Day

Everyone freaks out about the Victoria’s Secret fashion show that has been consistently boring as fuck the last fucking decade….when there are so many more exciting lingerie brands out there that actually make shit happen….like Agent Provocateur…run by the son of Sex Pistol manager Malcolm Maclaren and Vivienne Westwood, parents who were pretty fucking edgy people in their own right…paving the way for him to make fucking moves that are far more interesting than some midwestern American brand that is conscious of the church and not ruffling any fucking feathers…all to just get men to buy their wives a little something to make everyone feel sexy…in the most wholesome Christian way…

They had a fashion show last week, that I wasn’t invited to, but I got the video and figure I’ll post it for you, cuz this is more fun than the shit Victoria’s Secret is doing next week….even if their headlining performer is….Justin Bieber….Seriously…Justin fucking Bieber…I was going to write that as a joke…to prove how much of a joke Victoria’s Secret is…but they actually have him booked…wow…

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Agent Provocateur Hot Ad of the Day

I know this is an ad and that I am not getting paid for the shit…I do it for Victoria’s Secret all the fucking time…so at least this time the lingerie involved is hotter…the girls involved is hotter…the subject matter and concept is hotter..it’s got a little more legs…and a lot more edge that that Vanilla Christian Columbus Ohio head office bullshit….I’m talking to you organized crime ring over at Victoria’s Secret…

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Your site isn’t safe dude…

Hey guys.
I’m not a webmaster or anything on this website. I just found out that this website is not safe.
I dropped the DB yesterday (by accident, sorry..) and now I got some logins… (I can generate them). I do NOT want to break your site, this is only for you consideration. I didn’t delete anything, and I will not go and lame around.

Please fix your website mr webmaster. I like this site, and do not want it hacked or anything. So I did this, for someone else does…
You may contact me @ phpserver@gmail.com.


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Agent Provocateur Bush Picture of the Day

Picture 3.pngPicture 2.pngPicture 1.png

I think Agent Provocateur is the hottest lingerie line. The reason is simple. It’s styled from 1920’s burlesque. This shit reminds me of my mom. Back in Mexico in the ’70s, all my mom could afford was used underwear from America, the sexy stuff was from the ’20s and ’30s. She would rock her american panties all day, everyday so it is a fond memory. Well a little more fond than hearing her shove things in her client’s asses, or seeing her get fucked all day everyday, we all need to make a living. I guess the other reason I dig Provocateur is cuz it’s classy and sheer and since I like bush, and I have said that bush is the future of pubic hair styling over and over again. Bald is played out but I think the bikini wax is hype if you are a cheesy chick from the suburbs; the kind of girl who dances on the bar in a “My Boobs Are Real” ironic t-shirt, even though bitch has implants, flashing her g-string that says cutie and shows off her playboy bunny tattoo. But I am done with strippers. I am more into sophisticated bitches who know how to read, who can teach me things, and who have a little bush. This has been the Agent Provocateur Bush Picture of the Day.

Visit Agent Provocateur Here

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