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Agent Provocateur’s Lingerie of the Day


Agent Provocateur is the Victoria’s Secret for people who have a little bit more money than working as a Walmart clerk….receptionist…middle of the road person who has accepted that they don’t deserve to have hopes and dreams…but rather live within their means…buying panties on deal that seemingly have more sex appeal than the department store kind…or black chicks, strippers, and mall shopping teens around america…you know who don’t want to go for the 150 – 2000 dollar “high concept version”…

This Agent Provocateur shit is a brand I’ve actually been into, when it was doing vintage lingerie, you know quality lingerie, fetishy with a look that the fabrics wouldn’t give you a yeast infection…

But it has become the sugar baby, instagram, brand of underwear that allows them to feel really classy in their whoring..thanks to marketing..

This is their Spring campaign…I think, I don’t remember, I just saw pics of girls in panties and pulled it to post here…because I like girls in panties…whether they are self produced whores, or brands pandering to these self produced whores, especially when they are no Victoria’s Secret, unless Victoria’s Secret actually owns them in some backdoor deal…because backdoor is all I assume the sugar daddy’s who buy their girls this shit are getting….it’s how they keep the gifts coming…reward your sponsor / master / employer….

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