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Solveig Mork Hansen, Daisy Lowe & Tali Lennox for Agent Provocateur of the Day

Solveig Mork Hansen, Daisy Lowe & Tali Lennox for Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is the lingerie company that was at one time the more expensive and more exclusive – more stylized and interesting – lingerie brand from the son of Vivienne Westwood and the Sex Pistol’s manager Malcolm Mclaren…a couple edgy brits and their kid who had a concept to bring the “allure” of lingerie from the 1920s back to the rich people..

Well, since the internet and social media happened, Agent Provocateur went from Luxury brand to mainstream brand that all the girls who you’d want to see in lingerie, and who take pics of themselves in lingerie, need and want for their instagram photoshoots, so it’s given the now sugar babies with rich boyfriends of the social media realm something to make the rich boyfriends by them for their half naked shoots, something that I can assume sky rocketed the brand’s sales..now that everyone, like drones, want it, need it, crave it, and want to give me things to jerk off to without actually ever meeting…SO KIND of them…

Either way, instagram bullshit helps some business if said business is slut focused and if it is slut focused I support it.

The models in the shoot don’t really matter, but are Solveig Mork Hansen, Daisy Lowe & Tali Lennox….Daisy Lowe is really the only one I know, famous daughter / stepdaughter / raised without a dad only to find out her dad is the guy from Bush and Stepmom that dude Gwen Stefani making her big tits all the more interesting.

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