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Adam Sandler’s Baby Momma’s Ass in a Bikini of the Day

The fascinating thing about Adam Sandler’s wife and baby momma is not that she has sex with Adam Sandler, I mean that is so obvious that I’m sure he looks at her and knows what the deal is, you know after years of not getting laid pre-fame, you kind know why the bitch who would never give you the time of day, is suddenly giving you the time of day…..I am sure he’s not the first awkward, ugly jewish guy who gets rich and suddenly get hot pussy that this has happened to….hell it happens to every rich guy….and I would be happy if it happened to me….cuz who cares all women are equally annoying, might as well be sticking it into something that makes it worth putting up with that annoying.

The fascinating thing about her is that her name is Jacqueline Samantha Titone, but yet I’m looking at her mom ass…..

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Adam Sandler Does the Ashley Tisdale of the Day

Everytime I see a picture of Ashely Tisdale doing whatever it is that she does….This is what I see…

Now I don’t know if Adam Sandler is filming a Highschool Musical pardoy while wearing this girl costume, but he might as well be, cuz this Tisdale impression is spot on….

I figure he could take this to the gay clubs, but he probably won’t cuz he’s really fucking rich and doesn’t need to do stand-up performances anymore..but you can probably print these pictures up in large format and tape them to your wall in the event you used to watch Adam Sandler movies growing up and felt a real connection to his comedy, thinking “if only he was a girl” as you hugged your pillow to sleep every night reciting his jokes to yourself with an erection and I know there’s at least one of you out there….well now you can live out that weird fantasy….really weird fantasy…

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Your site isn’t safe dude…

Hey guys.
I’m not a webmaster or anything on this website. I just found out that this website is not safe.
I dropped the DB yesterday (by accident, sorry..) and now I got some logins… (I can generate them). I do NOT want to break your site, this is only for you consideration. I didn’t delete anything, and I will not go and lame around.

Please fix your website mr webmaster. I like this site, and do not want it hacked or anything. So I did this, for someone else does…
You may contact me @ phpserver@gmail.com.


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Teresa Palmer on Set With Adam Sandler in a Bikini of the Day

Her name is Teresa Palmer and I have no idea who she is, but assume she’s hit her big break starring with Adam Sandler in his new movie. I am not going to admit that I like Adam Sandler, because I don’t, his smile and stupid voices piss me off, but a lot of other people seem to think he’s worth wasting 2 hours of their life over, so I can only assume this is a good career move for her, not that she had the choice, because with roles like “Pool Party People” in Wolf Creek and some secondary role in The Grudge 2, which was a second rate movie, so it’s safe to say bitch has some credit card debt racked up while working towards the dream to pay off….She is from Australia, she’s in a bikini top and I just have to say it’s unfortunate she didn’t take the route of many other failed girls with a dream who ended up suckin’ dick on camera, because I’d like to see how she handles a cock.

That was a long fucking sentence ….Grammar Police where are you, because I think you need to arrest me for slaughtering the English language.

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