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Teresa Palmer on Set With Adam Sandler in a Bikini of the Day

Her name is Teresa Palmer and I have no idea who she is, but assume she’s hit her big break starring with Adam Sandler in his new movie. I am not going to admit that I like Adam Sandler, because I don’t, his smile and stupid voices piss me off, but a lot of other people seem to think he’s worth wasting 2 hours of their life over, so I can only assume this is a good career move for her, not that she had the choice, because with roles like “Pool Party People” in Wolf Creek and some secondary role in The Grudge 2, which was a second rate movie, so it’s safe to say bitch has some credit card debt racked up while working towards the dream to pay off….She is from Australia, she’s in a bikini top and I just have to say it’s unfortunate she didn’t take the route of many other failed girls with a dream who ended up suckin’ dick on camera, because I’d like to see how she handles a cock.

That was a long fucking sentence ….Grammar Police where are you, because I think you need to arrest me for slaughtering the English language.

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    Welthyromance.com, , that was the scam site that was stealing peoples credit card numbers, I read about it on slashdot. Loser.

  • W.E.

    The film looks potentially AMAZING!

    P.S. Sandler is a talentless retard.

  • da-dah

    She looks standard ‘not real blonde’.. graceless and flatfooted.. nevermind Sandler is a becoming such a loser and over done.. way, way overdone! Zooming on a waste of time past my interest anymore as he can not completely substain a steady character through any movie without the whole thing running out of steam, interest and plot..!

  • TheExpatriot

    Sandler is an idiot. I hope she makes a lot of money by ‘starring’ in his useless movies.