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Ellen Von Unwerth For Lingerie Brand Chantal Thomass of the Day


Ellen Von Unwerth is one of the more interesting photographers…who gets paid to take fetishy pics of these girls or women…am I allowed to say women…or female…because the root word is men or male…I don’t know in this PC world we live in…that is so PC…everything is deemed racist or wrong…which in and of itself is racist and wrong….strange….

I guess what I’m saying is that I like this Ellen character, maybe we’ll call it an it…and the shoots she does…this one is for a lingerie company…not unlike other lingerie companies…or lingerie shoots…they all feature girls in lingerie…but seemingly better or more interesting than the shit the evil lingerie companies put out…you know that we’ve been tainted, polluted, destroyed by…which isn’t saying much…seeing as this isn’t the Mcdonald’s, cookie cutter, fast food version of panties…available in every mall…but it’s saying something…and that is that she takes a good photo…compared to all the instagram photographers..

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Kasia Struss and Maaike Klaasen by Ellen Von Unwerth for BlackOut Exhibit of the Day


Memorieslab has partnered with one of the best fashion and erotic photographer named Ellen von Unwerth for an online photo exhibition titled “BlackOut”…featuring actual models Kasia Struss and Maaike, ridiculius named, but topless…

I appreciate these pictures, because there’s a little production, concept, talent, story behind them…I like that actual models are being used in the photoshoot…because I am fed up with all this flimsy, pointless, photoshoot for the sake of photoshoot, model for the sake of getting attention and a dream of being a model…it’s lowered the quality of photoshoots, of naked girls, and have saturated the market, produced so much of the same, and is all easy to fake with current technology…

I hate that no budget, no “wtf?”…no comedy…go into this “girl in bed or shower naked”…even though she’s not an actual model and works at the local starbucks…all for instagram…

I have pretty much thrown in the towel on photos, photoshoots, instagram, all that shit..it’s so played out…but when a real photographer, a celebrated photographer, a talented photographer gets some girls topless in a cool fucking setting…because she’s actually good at photos…I remember…that I can’t let all the poser, try hard, I still don’t mind seeing every girl in the world naked for free, motherfuckers…ruin something I used to love so much I’d jerk off to…

This is what they wrote about the exhibit…I guess fill it up with nonsense words and bullshit artist statements because the world is pretentious…and this really makes it feel like art…like these instagram photographers who print magazines once a year to pretend they are a legit magazine…all to get girls naked…

Carefully chosen by the photographer, the two models, Kasia Struss and Maaike Klaasen, endure a blackout in the middle of the Californian desert. A dramatic and post-apocalyptic adventure with nothing around but an abandoned gas station and blinding heat.

As a pioneer of a pictorial language that sublimates feminity, Ellen von Unwerth, pushes her boundaries once again by adding a layer of indisputable trauma to her heroines in the theme of memories, and a result of their loss.

Here are the 30 images that are up for sale and signed by the photographer at: MEMORIESLAB

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Agent Provocateur by Ellen Von Unwerth of the Day

Agent Provocateur didn’t pay me for this post, but they did pay Ellen Von Unwerth and the two relatively unknown, because they are not credited anywhere, and I’m too busy to try to use my facial recognition blindness to figure out who they are, because all these people are interchangeable…

But Agent Provocateur was and probably is the most interesting mainstream lingerie brand, with perceived quality, that rich people love buying, and that is styled far more interesting than super mainstream, mall brand Victoria’s Secret…Founded by Vivianne Westwood and Sex Pistol’s manager’s son….with the idea of bringing classic lingerie from that early 1900s…you know bringing some eroticism to the shit…and now with instagram…they are outfitting all the good sugar babies…who like quality to compliment their slutty…

I was always a bit of a fan, you know being into hot, clean looking, elegant sluts in lingerie, even if they are a bit too mainstream now…

Well, not mainstream enough to bring in what is probably the best photographer of the times, Ellen Von Unwerth, who makes the two “naughty” girls frolicking around an old English manor house in corsets, crystals and luxurious lengths of finest silk…feel semi authentic…

I just wish there was more pussy slips, bush flashes, and nipples, but I guess that’s not Youtube friendly, and they aren’t that kind of brand anymore, now that they are in malls…boring…but still hot….

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Ellen von Unwerth and Kate Upton Hot for Guess of the Day

Here are some pictures of a couple hot models in the latest Guess campaign. For those of you who don’t give a fuck, Guess is the company that made Anna Nicole Smith an actual model, something that I still question but can’t guess the reason why…but now these girls have a lot to live up to if they want to be remembered for their work with Guees and by live up to I guess I mean dying by 40 after they a decade doing a lot of eating while humilating themselves on reality TV before developing a pill addiction that will ultimately kill them…..

What it comes down to is that Guess should be paying me in more than just hot bitches in erotic pictures…I’m talking cold hard cash for this free exposure on my site that reaches millions of people who will never shop at Guess….

Here is a hotter set of pics of Kate Upton for Guess Accessories….

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