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Billie Jane by Julien for stepGIRLS of the Day


Our resident photographic genius Julien Archembault got together with our resident stepGIRL baby we call Billie Jane and created this fun editiorial that screams “hey fashion magazines with huge budgets trying to survive in the new media landscape and other unknown publications that aren’t even publications but have 1,000,000 followers on social media because they understand how to SHARE FOR SHARE”….that we’re contenders, and really, despite being lazy, slow moving, uninspired, unmotivated, not a team player willing to suck up to cunts, we are going to fucking win…kill and destroy all you motherfuckers…that..or I’ll just nap…

You know, I started the site in 2004, was flagged porn in 2004, all my blogger friends made millions, when I maxed out credit cards to pay for a server, and I’m still broke as fuck still doing this, which makes me more dangerous or crazy than the assholes who made it, they’re soft, have no souls and sold the fuck out..


We’re here to kill you motherfuckers….follow us on instagram …then go fuck yourselves…

With Love,

Jesus Martinez…

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