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I Guess the Rita Ora Nipples for LUI are her Real Nipples of the Day



I posted the RITA ORA nipple pics yesterday in a rush, I had important things to do, like not stare at a computer writing genius commentary about all these idiots that no one bothers reading because we are in a 6 second vine era…writing I’ve been doing for the last 12 years and not once have I been offered a book deal, a movie deal, a TV show deal, or really anything mainstream or commercial to make me feel like I’m a fucking genius…the highlight of my writing a website career besides being in Lohan’s hotel room with her, was seeing my jokes stolen in movies – many fucking times…but I don’t complain, no one cares enough to listen….

That said, I didn’t look close enough to the flashing tits, and realize that there is no way this bitch has little fucking nipples, she’s a doughy sloppy chick, and although her tits are big and heavy and round…the nipples aren’t this…

The magazine’s only released the censored version…so keep the dreams alive that this porn hooker who pretends she’s Rihanna and a popstar…is actually stacked liked this..but her tits are big…we’ll give her that…I mean it’s the only reason anyone cares..

Here is a retrospective look at her best work…to compare to…

We can assume in the next few hours the whore series will be released so we’ll know then and I’d say I’m excited because it’s news on a slow day in titty blogging..but who fucking cares really.

Update – I just googled the pics which I probably should have done 5 minutes ago when I did this post and apparently, they are her nipples, iced the fuck up….pictures by Terry Richardson for LUI Magazine

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