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Australian Sex Worker by Art Provocative of the Day


I love sex workers, not because I’m a misogynist who finds pleasure in reducing a woman to just her genitals that I stick my dick in..

But because I am a feminist who believes a woman can control her body, is in charge of her body and can take advantage of men with her sexuality and her body and get paid.

Every time I higher a low level hooker, as she is all I can afford I tell her, through her toothless, rancid, drug addict haze that I appreciate what she’s doing for the feminist movement..

Now, I don’t have the budget or resources to fuck with actual escorts and sex workers who are clean, in charge, and most importantly part of the porno generation who know that rich men want hot girls and will pay hot girls for companionship, especially when they are married. I don’t know the girls who provide that high caliber fantasy for men. But I totally get why they do it, it’s not quite porn, it’s not quite low level stripping, and it fucking pays….

Go Feminism!

So this is the kind of Escorts available for rich men in Australia…and she’s amazing…look at that body…those tits…blown away..and the fact is if I was rich enough – I could make that literal making it so much hotter.

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