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Bella Thorne Ass in Pants of the Day

Bella Thorne loves herself, or at least loves to market herself the best way a girl can market herself, through posing slutty in an era of no slut shaming, where you can be a feminist, and use your sexuality to manipulate men to give you what you want, then yell sexually harassment when they don’t give you what you want…

She’s also the premise of a movie I am working on – about a 40 year old stage mom who moves to LA from Florida to whore out her kids after the divorce, you know to live that famous life she always wanted but got pregnant too young to pursue, only for her kids to not be down with the idea, cuz acting is cheesy and they’re too hip for that…forcing her, Bella Thorne, to take their place and pretend she’s 18….

This movie will happen. I will sue.


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