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Olivia Munn X Men Ass of the Day


Olivia Munn is the fucking worst and despite her series of plastic surgery and her hustle in Hollywood the last 5 years…and despite the successes her and her ego have had the last few years in movies…she will still be the equivalent of a cable access television host to me…She was the hot girl on G4TV, a defunct network, on a show called Attack of the Show, where she pandered to the nerds in the most accessible way ensuring a fan base…before mustering up the confidence to follow her dreams as a big hollywood star…in nerd movies for her nerd fans where she gets to show off her ass….despite being the fucking worst.

This is the kind of story that should have ended with “TV host can’t get work anywhere but on local television in Idaho”….not “she’s the hot pussy in X Men at 40 years old”….


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  • Greg Vickers

    She was terrific on THE NEWSROOM, give her some credit. And, she’s fucking hot — regardless of what surgeries it may or may not have taken to get her there.