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Charli XCX for Impulse Fragrance of the Day


Charli XCX is some low level Big Tits from the UK who wears a Leotard and uses every chance she gets to show off those tits and get noticed…and I guess it works, since she gets featured on songs, she gets paid by brands, she has concerts and I guess people pay to see her perform, and the funny thing is I was once in one of her events she was playing at. I was drunk and remember nothing, but thinking to myself “who is that midget in he leotard, are we at the circus”…I only found out it was Charli XCX after the fact at which point I said “What’s an XCX”….and I still don’t know because I don’t bother googling this shit, I just look at her tits in bathing suits…not because I care but because they are tits.

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