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Jena Goldsack Has No Nipples in Lingerie for Glamour Italia of the Day


I follow JENA GOLDSACK on social media, mainly instagram, mainly because I follow fucking everyone I come across who is a 7 or better. They don’t need to be models, they can be random tinder girls who don’t swipe right on me, they can be no names who are just slutty, I just pile the fuck on the following….and it turns out that that isn’t Instagram’s point, the point isn’t to follow people who you may want to fuck or find compelling, it’s to not follow people, but get people following you, so you look famous…or important…or cool…it’s called “RATIO”…and it actually works, but I’ve always been the kind of guy who follows hot girls, whether down dark alleys or from club to club, to casually pump into them, and I’ve never been one too interested in getting followers….meaning I did the whole thing wrong…but thank god it’s about to self destruct thanks to Facebook owning them and being the devil and shit..

That said, I may follow JENA GOLDSACK, but have no idea who she is or what she’s done, I just know she’s in this lingerie shoot with no nipples for Glamour Italia and it’s not magical or life changing, but it happened…which is better than it not happening – I guess…

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