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Isabeli Fontana’s See Through of the Day


If you look at this picture from the right angle – maybe with your screen brightness jacked up – you can see her tits…

You may not remember, know or care about Isabeli Fontana, but I remember her being one of the first Brazilian models before the whole Brazilian model shit went crazy, who worked for Victoria’s Secret, half naked at 15 o 16 years old…because to people like me, taking pictures of half named 16 year olds is illegal and will get you arrested and raped in prison – but if you’re a billion dollar corporate Mall brand..it’s celebrated….those young fit bodies…so perfect in made in China sweatshop wares.

She’s been naked for fashion before, she’s 32 and an old timer, she’s seen some shit, from a bunch of rich dudes, to having a bunch of kids, but she’s still got it going on….and that’s really a rare gem….

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