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Kylie Jenner Doughy Monster in a Bikini of the Day


Kylie Jenner hasn’t had a breakdown yet and that is pretty fucking annoying. I figure by 18, she should be in that state of self involved, self raised in the weirdest household that has sold their soul tot he media, that have no shame and that is filled with vapid, superficial, materialistic cunts who represent all that is wrong in the world..

You’d think she’d have teen angst and rebel from the family hustle…but instead she just looks like a mini Kim, possibly because they cloned Kim, but maybe because of Plastic Surgery having limited LOOKS and techniques…

She is peddling some bullshit merch, as she does for her family…but let’s hope the drug addiction, tantrums and LOHAN behavior starts soon..I need DUIs and Scandals of abortion ideally self induced on the family SNAPCHAT account…or really anything…beyond dead face, dead eye, bikini selfies…




Here’s Jim K – The Leader of the Herd – In a Bathing Suit Fame Whoiing in Iceland – To Compare to Her Clone…

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