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Doutzen Kroes for Glamour of the Day


Get fired from Victoria’s Secret for being a greedy cunt, or whatever they fired her for, and get really fucking fit and hot…that’s the life plan of mom of many mix raced DJ babies – DJ whore and model Doutzen Kroes…

I know what you’re thinking, and that is that Doutzen doesn’t matter, she is insignificant, interchangeable, proven by the brand that fired her – they are still in business, they have replaced her, they haven’t lost sales because of her leaving the company, they probably don’t even remember her bratty and annoying bullshit….meaning she is fucking replaceable….

Not to mention, her touring DJ baby daddy, probably replaces her all the time when on the road, because masturbation for DJs usually involves fucking girls….who like the DJ…and there are lots of them, even Victorias Secret models….

There are countless other models willing to get naked to get ahead…but I still think this DOUTZEN shoot is a rockin’ magical body worth looking at…because it is…

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