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Adriana Lima in a Bikini Video of the Day

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Yesterday….I posted pictures of Adriana Lima in a bikini while in Mykonos for one of her model sister’s retirement party/ where her model sister was securing her retirement package by marrying a billionaire…something other models never miss because they love a good party, they are models…and more importantly they like seeing the less famous Brazilians come out on top financially due to love…it reminds them of the Brazilian sex trade they escaped but still touch on because modeling is hooking..

Well, my friends at Mykonos TV got some amazing footage, not from a critical point of view, you know because I’m a film historian / art critic / have the natural ability to spot talent and good production value…being an uneducated hater of all things….

But because it’s authentic paparazzi, it’s some dude getting 100 feet away from her and sneaking a video on his phone while she splashes around all boring as fuck….but still in a bikini..

It’s the creepy shot stealing that MAKE me feel alive….in a world of zero authenticity, everything posed, nothing organic or just happening…even snapchat – designed to be live action – is posed and people take 40 snaps before posting the perfect one…

We are surrounded by lies…but one thing that is real…is that Lima is Aging..oh and that she’s at the beach in Mykonos being filmed unsuspected…brilliant!



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