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Charlotte McKinney Panty Flash of the Day


Charlotte McKinney is on the aggressive hustle…I am not sure if it’s so much a sugar daddy hustle, I’m pretty sure she’s a rich kid from FLorida which is a wonderful place to be a rich kid, since they still retain the trashiness of Florida, just with white trash new money attitude…

I would assume she’s trying to find famous people to “date” or have her picture taken with after they fuck her – to get some press….

She used her big tits to get out there…but she pulled the trigger too soon on TV…making her the forgettable tits, rather than getting herself more titty famous before doing TV so perverts had more of an emotional connection to her tits…and now she’s here forced to flash panties to the paparzzi she called – because she needs the press…

It’s almost a sad story, but not really, it’d be way more sad if she settled with a rich guy and her demise wasn’t documented, her tits being pulled out not documented, we like her tits, and like to see them come out more and more as she struggles to figure out how to maintain that fame…instagram followers is not enough dammit.



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