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Ireland Baldwin Naked of the Day


Here’s a photoshopped to shit nude shoot for TREATS! of Ireland Baldwin, because I guess she’s tried everything and this is where she’s ended up..

I guess this is what Ireland’s been up to since blocking me on all her social media 3-4 years ago….

Unless she’s had serious surgery, which is possible, this is not what Ireland actually looks like, she is a big girl, which is the cause of her big tits, but everything else about her is a fucking cartoon….from no gut, to no monster jaw….

Nice tits though…but really…all tits are nice….

Unfortunately, I have been following her attempt at a career since she pretty much started out…I was semi-rooting for her while laughing at her desperation in an era before Kim Kardashian’s sisters and the Gigi Hadid and Ireland’s cousin really hustled the social media hustle, leveraging her mom – Kim Bassinger and her Dad who famously called her a little pig – and who could be a cause to this getting naked in photoshoots because traditionally modeling didn’t work out for her – Alec Baldwin…

The funny think in Ireland Baldwin is that I have interacted with her – I don’t remember what was said – but at one point her dad stepped up from his charity account on twitter – which didn’t get me famous – but I guess he didn’t get Ireland famous either, he’s just helped her by giving her his name pull off finding people to take pictures of her…

So…TREATS!…the Playboy of our generation that is far less successful than Playboy but that involves models and fame whores and sugar babies getting naked in expensive settings of decent quality….put this out for their new issue….and 98 percent of the people they use are trying to be the next EM RAT COW…like Ireland…but I don’t think Ireland has what it takes, she’s not hot enough, she wasn’t able to pull it off when she was cute enough and she’s too weak and has already been to rehab…poor little shadow of her parents…

The sex tape strategy of desperation is always available to her..

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