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Bella Thorne Bikini Top in Nature of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 10.38.44 AM

Bella Thorne is on with nature – at least according to Bella Thorne who wrote “just busy being one with the earth” when she posted this picture…which must mean that she’s at one with nature….otherwise why would she say it…right?

It’s not like she’s some vapid commodity – that is marketing herself to be sold, bought, paid for a peddled..

It’s like all these older celebs you hear about – trying to get in touch with life, the world, earth…whatever hippie bullshit they spew…while living in a 30,000 square foot house on each coast and one in Hawaii where they ‘get away’…flying private – or driving their fleet of cars…to meetings where they negotiate million dollar deals…yes…getting in touch with nature you cunt…

Even her parents naming all the kids some hippie shit, like some commune van driving weirdos, still exploited them all to Hollywood…which isn’t very FLORDIA at all..

However, I will look at pics of her tongue out, tits out, legs out, because I’m more pathetic than any of them…but at least I’m not bullshitting about it..

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