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Nadine Velazquez is Subtle of the Day


Nadine Velazquez is pushing 40, let’s not call her out or mock her for using her tits to get some male attention.

She knows she’s fading and has a few hours left of sex appeal, something that we can assume she used to get an acting career in the first place…because it’s a competitive world out there…and girls are willing todo a lot of different things for the part…you know producers have all the power over these girls…like throwing raw meat at a bunch of hungry dogs…only they have more make-up, botox, fake tits, tight pants, short skirts, cleavage….but the hunger is the fucking same…now make that role for a hispanic in a white washed industry and bitch better watch out..

So let her have her cleavage…it’s what she’s got left…and let us stare, it’s what she would
want us to…it’s what the old her probably got paid to do…


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