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I Think I See Sarah Hyland Nipples of the Day

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Sarah Hyland is some weird faced…12 year old looking but legal adult…who is on some shitty, yet popular…award winning…despite the awards being insular bullshit that is paid off by producers….called Modern Family

Despite what her fans want from her, she is not actually 12, but she was probably on hormone therapy administered by her stage parents, cuz you don’t get on a hit TV show even at 18, without having stage parents who throw you into the shit head first for as much money as they can get…cuz protitution comes in all forms….and if you make a shitty kid, better to make it an earner than a bratty leech…

Sure, attention has been focused away from her for her friend Ariel Winter….the pig, but she is the cuter one, even at 25…and these are some social media pics that look like you can see nipple to me, but really could just be nerd nipple, assuming there is nipple, when there isn’t nipple, because no girls wear bras anymore and nipples are everywhere…

sh (2)

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