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Madonna Wants You to Vote Naked of the Day


Funny enough, I’ve seen Madonna and Katy Perry in the same bar one night at the same party. It was a couple of years ago, and they didn’t talk to each other. They weren’t dancing with each other. In fact Katy Perry was alone in the corner drinking champagne looking all fat and sad, even though it was her party all while Madonna and Miley were acting like the life of the party, the prom queens with no time for fatty, even though it was fatty’s party…and instead they were just going off together making a spectacle of themselves for everyone to see, not inviting Katy Perry into their dance circle…it was sad…so sad that I was forced to go up to Katy Perry and tell her to not worry about the cool kids and grandma, she’ll get her time to shine soon…and if she feels lonely we can go to the back alley and play with each other’s genitals….come to think of it, that wasn’t Katy Perry, that was a fat french girl with what looked like downs syndrome…who I called Katy Perry because she was mouthing the words to a Katy Perry song with her retard mouth…at the some fucking dive bar with her bleached blonde mom and sister who were letting loose…but it was a decent blowjob…you know…those half retard not quite retard girls produce lots of drool with their big doughy faces….

That said, now, Madonna is leveraging a bad Katy Perry stunt based on voting naked…as an excuse for Madonna to get naked…neither of them showing actual tit…just implying tit…both of them too middle aged to be an exciting thing to see naked…but both remember being lusted after and want to feel that feeling again…

So Madonna…posted this pics with this caption….

Im voting naked with Katy Perry!! Vote for Hillary. She’s the Best we got!????????????????????????. Nude Voting series # 1

Making me think she’s doing some manipulative reverse psychology to make no one want to vote…just to get this old bitch to put some goddamn clothes on….



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