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This is Not Madonna’s Pussy of the Day

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 10.46.03 AM

Madonna posted a picture on her instagram of a Nike swoosh drawn on a pussy…in make-up…

It’s her attempt to encourage as many girls as possible to protest TRUMP through feminism….which isn’t really feminism because feminists can’t have bald pussy..it’s about the bush…bush I fucking love…just not when it’s this groomed…

But there’s no way this is Madonna’s pussy because there isn’t a reptile tongue sticking out of her…there are no zombie hands…it doesn’t look like a horror movie character…because she’s a fucking monster…

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Madonna in Lingerie for Harper’s Bazaar of the Day


Madonna is terrifying…and in being terrifying…she’s decided to get into lingerie for Harper’s Bazaar – because she can, she’s Madonna…a celebrity / popstar / icon who has been around for 40 fucking year…and who is 100 years old…and the sick thing in all this…is that I fucking love it…

It is the perfect level of disgusting for my weird fetish of old bitches who don’t know they are old…because they are Madonna and have some delusional opinion of themselves…thanks to ego…and in her defense…she looks pretty good for 100….all menopausal and good to cum in…as long as you have lube to deal with her being dried the fuck up….which brings up a very important point…what does the vagina look like…is it still there….does it still breath..or is it more of dead animal…just rotting away in her panties…

SO MANY QUESTIONS…let’s hope this Harper’s interview gets to the bottom of it….


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Madonna’s Old Lady Ass is a New Ass in an Awkward Performance with Ariana Grande of the Day

Madonna and Ariana Grande were at Art Basel, where they attempted to connect with what they feel is actual art, you know since they have been calling themselves artists fro their entire lives, but they are actually just dog shit, they are puppets that are used to sell product, who realize if they say they are art – and not actually ripping off art – or exploiting and shitting on art, then the people will believe, because people are fucking idiots…

I mean that is assuming art actually exists, I know whenever I am faced with anyone who calls themselves an artist, they seem to be empty people trying to prove themselves to have some kind of purpose or vision – they need to share with the world – like self involved instagram models, only they can draw…

Which is convenient – because Art Basel is a place where artists, celebs and instagram models merge – and come together at exclusive miami night clubs…

It is safe to say that the only real art on display was Madonna and Arianna Grande dancing awkward, and I fucking love awkward dancing…but instead it was Madonna’s new ass implants…

She’s 58 years old, and I guess willing to continue making a weird spectacle of herself, it is what she does and what makes her feel complete…the 58 year old trying to be a kardashian or some shit, instead of just being old and expiring madonna….she’s trying to be hot…and it’s so weird…that it is hot to me…

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Madonna Wants You to Vote Naked of the Day


Funny enough, I’ve seen Madonna and Katy Perry in the same bar one night at the same party. It was a couple of years ago, and they didn’t talk to each other. They weren’t dancing with each other. In fact Katy Perry was alone in the corner drinking champagne looking all fat and sad, even though it was her party all while Madonna and Miley were acting like the life of the party, the prom queens with no time for fatty, even though it was fatty’s party…and instead they were just going off together making a spectacle of themselves for everyone to see, not inviting Katy Perry into their dance circle…it was sad…so sad that I was forced to go up to Katy Perry and tell her to not worry about the cool kids and grandma, she’ll get her time to shine soon…and if she feels lonely we can go to the back alley and play with each other’s genitals….come to think of it, that wasn’t Katy Perry, that was a fat french girl with what looked like downs syndrome…who I called Katy Perry because she was mouthing the words to a Katy Perry song with her retard mouth…at the some fucking dive bar with her bleached blonde mom and sister who were letting loose…but it was a decent blowjob…you know…those half retard not quite retard girls produce lots of drool with their big doughy faces….

That said, now, Madonna is leveraging a bad Katy Perry stunt based on voting naked…as an excuse for Madonna to get naked…neither of them showing actual tit…just implying tit…both of them too middle aged to be an exciting thing to see naked…but both remember being lusted after and want to feel that feeling again…

So Madonna…posted this pics with this caption….

Im voting naked with Katy Perry!! Vote for Hillary. She’s the Best we got!????????????????????????. Nude Voting series # 1

Making me think she’s doing some manipulative reverse psychology to make no one want to vote…just to get this old bitch to put some goddamn clothes on….



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Madonna’s Nipple of the Day


I went to a Madonna party once a few years ago…she wasn’t as repulsive as you’d expect a 60 year old who has been in the industry all these years to be. That’s not to say that she’s not a diva, a terror, an ego who is terrible to be around thanks to all the money she’s made and suck up she has…it’s just to say that she wasn’t offensive in her old age and she is the kind of woman you’d probably fuck because you’d fuck any woman, but also because she’s Madonna and it makes for a good story when you try to explain to your wife where the herpes came from…

All menopausal, shameless, attention seeking – since you can’t teach an old hooker new tricks….she sticks to her old tricks…

She’s at Fashion Week, because she’s a fag hag – always surrounded by gays…while being a celebrity…always surrounded by fancy and exclusive things…always invited everywhere…because she’s Madonna and in being Madonna comes braless – nipple slips…that aren’t erotic but still nipples…always a scandal that is hardly a scandal that you gotta stare at in confusion – because you got nothing better to look at or do and because you buy into this nonsense….that is really just a nipple, that hardly is a woman’s nipple, based on her menopause and hormone levels…because there comes a time in every bitches life where she essentially has the sex appeal of an old man…that time is coming for this one…it’s jut not quite there yet…

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Miley, Kim and Others Masturbate on Facetime for Interview’s “ME” September Issue of the Day


Fashion photographer Mert facetimes his subjects for the latest Interview Magazine….

Because this is the selfie generation, who needs cameras and photographers, when the real compelling content is being let into people’s bathrooms or bedrooms, so that they can put on any type of intimate performance for whoever they want, or they can pretend it is an intimate performace despite being scripted for interview magazine because these idiots are all puppets….

Nice and porny, like “Hey look at me, I’m an attention whore who masturbates on cam like every girl in the world, I am just like you, only I leak this shit or do it for fashion magazines”….which a secondary hope that you cum to it…because we want you to imagine facetiming us…instead of girls you meet on tinder…or some shit..

Here’s Miley’s amazing Facetime Session…


Here’s Kim K simulating masturbation on Facetime for a magazine…we’ve seen her fuck when she was pre trans….we don’t care.


I assume Selena will have one…




And Posh Spice Beckham…


And Madonna…


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Drake and Madonna Make Out of the Day


Madonna was clever enough to use her opportunity to be on stage with Drake, who is the number one rapper in the USA apparently,to stage a viral stunt, or viral meme, or just transference of a virus…on stage at Coachella…

I don’t think anything Madonna does is sexually exciting, even when she tries to suck the soul out of the best selling artists she’s managed to get on stage ith…

I do think Drake’s expression after this happens, of disgust, like “an old as fuck bitch with great tits just fucking mouth kissed me, I better play this off as EWWW GIRLS and not shove my dick down her throat cuz she’s Madonna, and I’m trying to be an authentic black man not a neurotic Jewish man who hates germs I probably am, because being half black was just a sales tactic to make that Jewish boss money…”….

If you know what I mean..and if you don’t, here’s the video of what some would consider a terrible nightmare…attack of the too old to be a cougar…trying to stay relevant..and it worked…because it’s the biggest story today…

From Instagram:

If that doesn’t interest you – Here’s some Vintage Madonna Nudes…

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Madonna For Cosmo – Then and Now of the Day



Madonna is 100 years old and was recently in Cosmo. For some reason, people found it fascinating that the last time she was in Cosmmo, was 25 years ago…so that’s like 1990…

I don’t find it fascinating, because Madonna is 100 fucking years old, and 25 years ago was back when she was in her mid 30s, already a popster, before having kids and not really marketing herself to the cosmo girl, thanks to being famous as fuck…

Where as now, she’s just desperate, trying to get to the youth, the kind of bitch who goes to the Amazon, or some other third world and tries to eat babies for their souls, or even hangs out with Miley Cyrus, hoping to find one of Miley’s used tampons to suck out the blood to find the cure to aging…

This isn’t hoot to me…even if I eat periods sometimes…but I will post it anyway…

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Madonna for Out Magazine of the Day


You favorite magazine, OUT, because you’re a homo…did a feature on Madonna, your favorite artist, even your idol or spirit animal…because you’re a homo…was in it…grabbing her old lady boobs that she still is all about flaunting despite being 100 a dead…reminding women everywhere that you are never too old, too used up, or too disgusting to use that vagina…you can still use that vagina…because dudes are perverts, they’ll stick their dick in anything…

At least she doesn’t look desperate..


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Madonna Video of the Day

I’ve seen Madonna in person, like 10 feet or less away from me. She has massive tits and she was wearing lingerie as outterwear, and if she wasn’t 100 fucking years old, it’d be amazing, and at 100 fucking years old…it was amazing…but not as amazing as seeing her pulled off stage…this shit is so good…the meme of the year…and it’s only February…


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