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Elle Fanning for Schon! Magazine of the Day


People are very in to Elle Fanning, at least I think they are – because her name comes up all the time in the media, and in movie credits, like she exists, she’s a real fucking entity, that people must actually like, I mean why else would she be all over the place, oh right, maybe the media is paid off by the movie companies her parents sold her to, or maybe she’s got the right last name to leverage all the sacrifices her sister made for her, and maybe they are playing that angle properly knowing how this media shit works, up on some Olsen Sister who isn’t one of the twins hustle…all a youthful round ass in fitness gear all the time…because one thing this generation of 18 year olds know, it’s how important fame and social media followers is…and the other thing they know is hardcore porn is socially acceptable, they all watch it, so a little round booty in tight pants while braless is just empowering….and those 40-60 year old creepers like me…agree it’s a great look the shorts must get shorter…the shirts must get sheerer the bras must get more obsolete and the sex tapes and nude selfies must get more plentiful, because you factor in the kind of aged, weathered, disgusting pussy we have access too…this generation is a savior to our jerking off….

That said, these is a hipster fashion shoot, that’s not the kind of hipster fashion I like, if anything it’s creepy and weird, but we wouldn’t expect anything else from the same DNA strain as her creepy sister Dakota….

This is some creepy clown shit…CLOWN LIVES matter…

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  • jakebullet

    I came. Fucking love Elle