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Miley Cyrus – Solid Pose of the Day


When it comes to Yoga…I can usually try to jerk off to it, even just a little because of Flexibility…and my love for jerking off in public to half naked women in tight clothing bending in the weirdest of ways….until I am asked to stop staring at them by either a cop, but usually security…as apparently Yoga studios are private property and you’re not allowed to masturbate in them – when you’re not a member….FASCISTS…it’s always these people pretending to be spiritually enlightened, relaxed, vegan and zen….but they’re always the most uptight motherfuckers…who can’t handle a little relaxation from a dude who is less about sniffing my own asshole…and more about busting a fucking nut…

No I don’t know if this is Miley doing actual YOGA, the last time I tried to touch my toes was when I dropped a 20 in a bar and I needed it to pay for either a blowjob or a lap dance or a drink….I’m not an expert on these fitness things…but I am an expert, or as much of an expert as you need to be to know that if Miley really wanted to, and the public MILEY we know and love despite being annoying, and probably not the actual Miley…can totally piss in her own mouth, or better eat a load dripping out of her mouth…but will most likely only eat her period like these period artists do…it proves they are feminist.

Point being is authentic or not, she’s a hollywood puppet, this girl can bend…and that is all she really needs to be able to do for me to appreciate her….because once she starts talking…it all changes…but this here..right now…is perfet..

One more time…


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  • Lars Inge Vassbotn

    i love that pornstar, when is her movie coming out?