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Grace Hartzel Hot for Vogue Spain of the Day


Her name is Grace Hartzel… “Gracie” Hartzel….she’s an actual model – from small town Indiana who has made it to the runways of Paris because she’s tall and skinny….and has an amazing face…and I love tall and skinny…

She’s barely 20…and she’s already shown her vagina…full slit….and bush for editorial, hipster shoot, feminist hustle that’s not feminist at all, because a woman protesting or celebrating her femininity by “NOT” shaving her pubic hair is an absurd protest…it’s as if I was protesting something by taking a daily shit…you see because not shaving is actually easier than shaving…and it’s hotter than shaving…and to think having a bush is anything more than just having a bush…and spinning it like you’re not conforming to male expectations that are really just female expectations and norms they have created…because dudes will fuck anything…

But I am still a fan…but this isn’t a bush shot of the past, this is her in Vogue magazine, a bootleg division of Vogue, but still Vogue…and not showing her BUSH because I guess she doesn’t need to anymore – even though I fucking love bush…because it’s not for me…and her pussy exposing hard work has paid off…

So girls…show your pussy and you too can get boring shoots in Vogue..

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