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Kylie Jenner’s Totally Natural Body of the Day


Kylie Jenner is the blackest white girl ever created for the sake of social media by a family created by social media – who are probably mad at themselves for not running for president because the power of their social media alone is big enough to make it happen…the first immigrant / terrorist / porn star / social media monster with a vagina you’ve all seen – and can google if you want to make sure she’s actually a woman – unlike Hillary….

This is their youngest of that generation – who is also a muppet…at least shaped like a muppet…because she’s had the weirdest fucking surgeries to created this “social media body and face”….which is actually a thing and happening across the globe…all these bitches with their face fillers…it’s so stupid…but give her a break…her dad’s a woman now, her mom only cares about the money she makes the family and her boyfriend just milking her like she was still underage because she’s a cow who needs to be milked…

All fleshy and weird…exsiting….


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