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The Nu Muses Calendar of the Day

The Nu Muses is a campaign that was relatively clever – by photographer and TREATS! Magazine owner – where he partnered up with one of his nude model photographer buddies – who happens to be one of the biggest things in photography this year – from shooting for Victoria’s Secret, and really all things involving hot naked models..and not just instagram models – but actual models….

So this project, one I would have done but I only attract crackheads, involved getting a bunch of girls they already work with and party with – to participate in an American Idol internet style campaign to get voted into the calendar..and all these girls, already thirsty for fame, who already get naked in photos, and who already had an audience jumped on board…it’s a fun project, validates what they do as more than just exhibitionism, gives them the hope of shooting with a Victoria’s Secret photographer in a great setting like the Domincan Republic…which is not Haiti….and boom…people cared to follow, watch and see…and now the winners have been announced and they are:

Alejandra Guilmant, Rachel Cook, Keilani Asmus, Ebonee Davis, Vika Levina, Isabelle Boemeke, Nidhi Sunil, Anna Wolf, Jessica Clements, Janine Tugonon

Probably a bunch of sugar babies, as TREATS! appeals to that world of naked for rich guys who fund this thing….and this is the trailer / preview / look into the nude pictures they produced…and naked chicks getting naked is always worth looking at – even if they chicks are just a bunch of trying to get famous fame whores…who may even turn tricks – they look good.

Here are some of the pics:

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