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Penelope Cruz for Vogue Spain of the Day


I don’t find Penelope Cruz all that hot, but she’s looking better than usually, with her older face and big tits in seductive poses, all Spanish and amazing, like some Tapas, cheap wine, and other great Spanish things…like Ibiza and topless beaches….only more Hollywood and annoying….because Oscar Winners from the era of 30 million dollar pay days to be in movies – before the internet ruined that – makes small town Spanish girls cunty…..

Now, I don’t think Penelope is normally that hot, I never fell in love with her in any of her movies, and I used to fuck a girl who looked like her, I mean not really, but had a massive nose and would make me call her penelope as she “squirted” all over the place – denying it was pee…you know a Pee Denyer…the Holocaust Denyer of the bedroom…

This is for Vogue Spain, so I guess she’s bringing it home…literally…because they are probably very proud of all she’s done and as a thank you – might as well stare at her tits…

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