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Taylor Swift and Her Hired Model Groupies Have a Shitty Mannequin Challenge of the Day

Taylor Swift is garbage, rumored to be pregnant garbage, which means she’s double the garbage she usually is thanks to the two heartbeats….

I guess she’s having another one of her Taylor Swift holiday parties at her mansion she bought next door to one of her ex boyfriends, she’s had many, because she’s addicted to cock inside her and sometimes you need to give the media a story to back up her marketing that makes her 200 million dollars….

So girl and her real life barbies, who she’s either hired, or is genuinely best friends with them, because models – especially Victoria’s Secret models have no integrity and do anything, including men, to get as mainstream as possible..including putting up with garbage like Taylor Swift….

Well, they decided, because they are basic, followers, who have zero original thought, it’s all part of being a puppet…and did the Mannequin challenge, like they were EVERYONE ON SOCIAL MEDIA – all the MEME addicts and half naked bitches…

Unfortunately, despite Taylor Swift hiring photographers to document her fake friendships for her social media, it’s all part of marketing, and her hair / make-up / assistants that contribute to her being a vapid, despite being full of FETUS cunt….they failed…their hair is moving and their dance at the end is offensive cultural appropriation…white people.

But if you can stomach the beach, not bikini beach, but cold as fuck beach video until the end, you’ll see her chubby pregnant legs in leggings twerk…which is arguably how she got into this whole pregnancy situation in the first place…slutty….because she doesn’t know who the father is…allegedly…not really a Christian Country Singer problem…but maybe it is…Trash…like I said…ALLEGEDLY PREGNANT…

Here are some more pics of their shitty thanksgiving that we collectively wish ended in a house fire or better yet – carbon monoxide poisoning in. It’s the silent killer…

She’s the worst…

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  • Eva Greene

    Is she pregnant or gaining weight to plump up her tush?

  • kim_rowley

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