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Elle Fanning Spread Legged for C Magazine of the Day


Elle Fanning is the Fanning that Dakota Fanning’s childhood died for…to have her exist…

These aren’t exceptionally hot pictures, but really what are hot pictures in a world filled with hot pictures…but they are pictures, disposable, no one cares about….

But it seems that people are very in to Elle Fanning, at least I think they are – because her name comes up all the time in the media, and in movie credits, like she exists, she’s a real fucking entity, that people must actually like, I mean why else would she be all over the place…..

Right, because the media is paid off by the movie companies that her parents sold her to, or maybe she’s got the right last name to leverage all the sacrifices her sister made for her, and maybe they are playing that angle properly knowing how this media shit works…..cash in like an Olsen Twin…

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