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Edita Vilkeviciute in Underwear of the Day


Titty model Edita Vilkeviciute decided to not show her tits in this bikini photoshoot for a swimsuit company – because I guess they are trying to sell luxury and class in exclusive places only models get invited to by rich guys looking for models to have sex with – since their wives are boring and let them do whatever they want because they know they have a good thing with their rich guys – and don’t want to ruin it…and the rich guys know their pre-nup is so dialed in, if they left they’d get fucked over and life would suck – so they just need to deal with the vacations with models, and the models need to take the money while it’s available by whoever is willing, since married guys aren’t so bad, they have limited free time and are creeps, but too busy to be annoying..not that we have these problems being ghetto as fuck…but Edita Vilkeviciute isn’t selling bathing suits nearly as slutty as she should be…and if I cared – I’d have a serious issue with that…

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