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Oliva Munn’s Weird See Through of the Day


Olivia Munn is the worst…she’s been so shameless in her career, and it’s worked out for her, I mean she gets jobs as an actress, after being a fucking host, on some show barely anyone watched…and now all her hollywood dreams have come true, in some serious polarizing or winning some kind of lottery that makes little to no sense, since she’s not that hot…she just got nerds to think she was into what they are into, really owned that shit, because she’s an actor remember…pretending to like a videogame while talking to a virgin with your tits out as he cums himself…is easy… making her hot to them, and able to leverage that to this…acting shit….celebrity shit…in big movies and …when she should be working for local youtube gamer channel for 30 grand a year….but I guess she always had a goal, an objective, and her using, worked and it worked…and we can assume tht putting her tits out in a sheer dress is nothing compared to the work she had to do with her actual genitals to get here….making her pussy story the inspiring story of pussy survival and winning…I guess…it needs to be a kids show


Here’s the most representative photo to sum up her career….Getting stains out of her dress…if you know what I mean..(if you don’t, let me give you a hint, it’s not about her being a sloppy eater…if you know what I mean)….if you still don’t know what I mean…fuck yourself and die – I hate you.


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