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Hailey Clauson for Esquire of the Day


Hailey Clauson is a sports illustrated model…which means she’s very important… so important that other magazines take pics of her…to keep her going….which is interesting because when she was a teen model, she sued a company for sexual assault and as someone who hates these quick to pull the trigger sexual assault people…because not everything is rape….you know typical victim blamer…I don’t really get why anyone would hire her after that. It’s like there are a million girls as hot – or hotter than her…give them the job…not some whiner…even if corporations taking slutty young girls is wrong – wait until they are 18 you perverts…and deserve to pay up….so let this one sit on her settlement and stop allowing her to exist by taking pics of her…she’s not that great and what’s with this no nipple bullshit…sort it out girl…

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