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Kendall Jenner Posts Underwear Fetish Pics for Money of the Day


You gotta appreciate a whore, no matter what her price is, because at least she’s getting paid for what all these other tricks are doing for free..and getting paid is all that matters in this materialistic world, it’s like why not get paid for what you would be doing for free….since it takes a certain kind of hooker to get naked in pictures for social media…like mass mainstream sexting….something so many girls are doing, just not the girls I want to see doing it, because the second a girl posts panties on her social media, or even bikini pics, I see the thirsty, eager cunt she is…and I write her off…and you’d be surprised how many glorious, brilliant, classy, hot women there are out there who don’t buy into the whole get naked on social media…and the reality is, when you get them to bang you, the sex is far more amazing…because they aren’t laying there on their phone tracking likes…

This is a garbage part of our society, but there are still great people who think it’s fucking dumb, and don’t participate….and this Jenner, is a Jenner, she was doomed before she even started, born into it….and getting paid to do it…makes it all the more better….it’s the troll of the century…brands paying girls to sext the world…what….

It’s the low levels that wish they were Kendall that are the fucking problem….either way, let’s help her make that Christmas bonus, delivering that campaign that she probably made well over a million dollars on, even though she woulda done it for free – cuz that’s how thirsty works…

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  • VylieKarTRASHian

    I fail to see how that body is of that talent-less and dull bore, Kendull is thin, those thighs are fat. Is there anything that these vile whores don’t lie about?

  • Spike Oui

    that’s not a god damn selfie……..that’s an ad

  • townsend_sharon

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