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Jourdan Dunn Ass Stretch Marks on a Small Booty of the Day


I would say that Jourdan Dunn looks like a skinny, bikini clad, neanderthal walking along the beach, like pre-human primate man, but then people would call me racist, assuming it has everything to do with her blackness, and nothing to do with her ape-like posture…making you people the fucking racists – not me….

I’ve just looked at enough evolution of man diagrams to know she’s got some fucking dragging her knuckles going on,, and maybe it’s just a misuse of the paparazzie, maybe she should be on all fours, spread eagle or some shit, you know she is a VS model, what the fuck is this bullshit, we can see her more naked – in their photoshopped catalogs…I feel robbed..

What ever happened to paparazzi climbing into people’s fucking hotel rooms to capture them shitting, or other really scandalous shit, instead I get “here’s a model you’ve seen half naked, half naked, but not posing, go jerk off to her if you can, or use this as a reminder that you can google her in paid photos doing better poses”…fuck that..

I want scandal, I want humilation, I want paparazzi pics that make these narcissistic garbage humans want to kill themselves in shame..where is the disruption, the flavor, it’s all so fucking lame….

But here are the pics anyway.

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