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Izabel Goulart Seducing Us with her Beach Strip of the Day


Izabel Goulart – the Brazilian fitness tank, who spends her entire year living in Brazil working out, doing erotic fitness videos on instagram – that have little to no value or purpose, at least not in terms of fitness….

But that you can jerk off to…and maybe if you do that long enough you will get in shape, heart rate up, burn calories, but we all know you’ve done it long enough, multiple times daily, because it is your only joy, your only friend, and that you’ve lost jobs, friends and real actual sex because of it, to know that it will probably lead to you getting fatter and more pathetic and useless…..not fit…like Izabel Goulart…

Well, other than doing the VS infomerical once a year, she does very little else, but here she is in St Barts, the richest of islands for FANCY people, and she’s doing a little stripteasae on the beach, to show off that body she works so hard for…it is all she has…and thank god she has that – because I like staring….

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