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Elizabeth Turner is Lovely of the Day


I can’t believe that at the end of last year, this Elizabeth Turner, a fresh college grad who had just moved to LA, hit me up asking me to feature her on my website, and I don’t think I did, despite thinking she was hot, because I am an asshole, but more importantly, because I knew her and her all american looks, and all american tits, would make it in the world of Guess?, like an Anna Nicole Smith or Charlotte McKinney, but less whorish and hotter…

So I didn’t bother promoting her, it’s a thankless job even if I did, just ask Em Rat Cow….

But I did follow her, see her grow, and think…”I should have played this different”…

So now, ignored by her as I message her incessantly about how we are friends, how I was there for her early on….I’m doing that post on her, probably not my first post on her since she’s blown up…but a post on her none the less reminding me of my failures in 2016 – that I will make again in 2017…and the wins…of all the other people I am connected to through social media…at least who I follow and who don’t follow me back – because they are users…

All this to say, I like seeing people win, with tits like this, they were born winners..

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