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Elizabeth Turner Tits of the Day

I am not trying to attach myself to this Elizabeth Turner girl, but I will say that when she first started at this big titty modeling thing, right when she finished college, whoever was doing her hustling on her social media, likely a boyfriend reached out to me to promote her slutty photoshoots with her big natural tits…..because big natural tits get noticed, people get excited….

I figured if they were reaching out to me, they were fucking reaching, and probably got through to every other website who decided to promote her big tits…..getting her a following but never really breaking through in my “world”….which isn’t a very dialled in world, but I never see her name come up….

Now, 4-5 years later, her tits have been leaked, took fucking long enough, that would have been step one in the DrunkenStepfather – Jesus Martinez – School of getting famous…

Who needs a bitch 4-5 years later topless…when 4-5 years ago was her time..

I do think that great big natural tits are timeless, until they sag into a pile of slop as they do….so seeing them is good….not a too little too late situation….but a situation…a nude selfie situation that is perfect to help her go viral cuz there is nothing scandalous….just tits…and tits are great…

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Elizabeth Turner Bikini of the Day

Elizabeth Turner in a yellow bikini

Elizabeth Turner is some aspiring instagram tits that I don’t think have really broke through in the modeling world, but that at one point in time were just graduated from some Ivy league school, the porn school, DUKE or some shit….and she started her hustle..with her big tits, and tall enough, All American looks, moving to LA, signing an Agency, and all that…desperate enough to email me or have someone email me to post on her…only to realize that was a bad idea and that she could do better…now in Hawaii doing Hawaiian things in a bikini…all busty…and All American..and I don’t find her that hot, she doesn’t blow me away, I don’t think she deserves real fame our success, but she’s got a lot of instagram followers and big tits and that’s all that matters in this world we live in…

Question…where is her sex tape? Her Nudes..this bikini shit is dull.

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Busty Elizabeth Turner Modeling Lingerie of the Day

Elizabeth Turner is some busty aspiring model who looks like she’s made it – at least to a certain extent – because she’s got 650,000 followers, which means she’s getting paid, even if those are fake followers…and if they’re not fake followers..they are they for the big, seemingly natural, all American tits….as they should be…

The only Elizabeth Turner story I have is that when she was freshly graduated from Duke, the pornstar University, she actually messaged me on social media asking for help promoting herself, or to do a shoot or whatever, which is hilarious, because if you’re asking for help from me, you’re either desperate, or into charity work, but I assume she reached out to a bunch of sites, because within the week, she went from a very insignificant following to something I guess she could sell…so there was a minute…where I almost helped her and her big break but didn’t because I prefer being unaffiliated with success or hot chicks, it gets in the way of me dissing them for being shameless…or attention whores..

Well, these are some pics of her lingerie shoot…from whatever the fuck this lingerie shoot is…

Big Tits…

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Elizabeth Turner is Lovely of the Day


I can’t believe that at the end of last year, this Elizabeth Turner, a fresh college grad who had just moved to LA, hit me up asking me to feature her on my website, and I don’t think I did, despite thinking she was hot, because I am an asshole, but more importantly, because I knew her and her all american looks, and all american tits, would make it in the world of Guess?, like an Anna Nicole Smith or Charlotte McKinney, but less whorish and hotter…

So I didn’t bother promoting her, it’s a thankless job even if I did, just ask Em Rat Cow….

But I did follow her, see her grow, and think…”I should have played this different”…

So now, ignored by her as I message her incessantly about how we are friends, how I was there for her early on….I’m doing that post on her, probably not my first post on her since she’s blown up…but a post on her none the less reminding me of my failures in 2016 – that I will make again in 2017…and the wins…of all the other people I am connected to through social media…at least who I follow and who don’t follow me back – because they are users…

All this to say, I like seeing people win, with tits like this, they were born winners..

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Elizabeth Turner For Maxim of the Day


Elizabeth Turner once hit me up on instagram, it may have been her – or it could have been her manager or PR person trying to promote her – because you know there comes a point in every new model’s career – where they think being on DrunkenStepfather is a decent idea to get 3 likes on their social media…this was when she had just moved from whatever state she moved from – I am going to go with Arizona, because Arizona breeds the sluts…..but within a week of that – she went relatively viral – thanks to her huge tits that I was trying to get a 10% management fee from…you know because like Kris Jenner – I’m an evil exploitative pimp…and she was never to be heard from again…until now…where Maxim took her on some Euro adventure, I guess she’s not desperate anymore, and the tits must stay covered…which always the downfall of minimal success..the whore factor drops substantially…not that this one was ever a whore, but she was eager and I’m sure capable of better performance than this..

I guess what they say is right…there is no god…and life is full of disappointments…

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Elizabeth Turner in a Bikini of the Day


Elizabeth Turner is some whore from Georgia…at least I assume she’s a whore – because that’s what girls who aspire to be bikini models are…

Maybe I am just bitter because in ONE year ago in 5 Days she messaged me asking to feature her on the site…and I never did…but here she is now…her Big tits, too big for me, my window of opportunity closed…left alone to stare at her bikini…


I missed the time I needed to take advantage her, when she needed followers and craved standing out, and was willing to do anything to get there…Now she’s got 100 of thousands of followers…and I’ve failed.

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