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Jessica Alba’s Bikini of the Day

Jessica Alba Bikini

These are some weird pics of Alba…from a real creeper angle…I love it…because Jessica Alba is amazing, from garbage actor – to garbage brand ambassador – to billionaire…it just proves that if you have a good team and look good, anything is possible in a world where no one has standards, or taste, or expectations, and all are just lazy people who buy into simplistic marketing, so that they can be like everyone else….it’s worse now than ever…but Alba, despite being a mom of 5 kids, is better than ever…despite being old…and I’d say it’s due to the elasticity in her Mexican skin, but if you’ve been to Mexico, you’d know most moms of 5 are 300 pounds of pure corn tortilla..tortilla that she doesn’t eat.

But the fact is that having kids is supposed to be suicide, the end of a bitch, the day she throws in her vagina, and really Alba may have a mangled vagina, but her career exists, she’s still hot enough to jerk off to, and that defies science and everything I know…and I can’t make sense of it, so I just stare at it…since no one cares about whether I can make sense of anything or not…I’m just that irrelevant..

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