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Maria Sharapova is a Cheater in a Bikini of the Day

Maria Sharapova in a black Bikini

I’ve had three major traffic on this site, where I hit over 300,000 people in one day, the biggest day was when I was given the Farrah Abraham squirting clip promoting her first sex tape and Gawker linked it up…

The second was the first 6 weeks of doing the site when Maria Sharapova was on the beach in a yellow bikini – pulling sand out of her vagina…a post that went viral before viral was a thing…it was 2004…a post that ended up inspiring at least 2-3 people I know to become big players in the internet space….a post that made me feel the need to update this bullshit for the rest of my fucking life…because so many people don’t care about me – or my jokes but they care about people in bikinis…making a stupid fucking life for myself….and 12 years later…I’m still doing it…like a fool…for no money or reason….

So in a lot of ways, Maria Sharapova is my spirit animal…my soul sister…my partner…my enemy…the devil…but she’s still doing what she was doing then….and so am I…so maybe we’re on some path we gotta stick to….her in bikinis…now that she’s allowed to play tennis again…an me running the most irrelevant blog on the internet…both of us better 12 years ago…but still here…one more athletic than the other…both performance enhancement drug users!


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  • D

    Wasn’t that Anna Kournikova with the sand?

  • matt headley

    Yes; too much mescalin has fucked his memory

  • lisa.helmuth@mail.ru

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