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Jenna Dewan Tatum Nude of the Day


Here’s a picture of Jenna Dewan Tatum in bed…naked…probably creatively directed by your favorite male stripper Channing Tatum…who didn’t win the golden globe for the worst movie ever…but probably could have…because it required zero talent….like this pic…only…in this pic there is good back curvature and booty….

The only Jenna Dewan Tatum / Channign Tatum story I have for you, is that I was forced to watch Jupiter Rising yesterday and wanted to kill myself…and that I met one of his agents, who may have been a hipster lying about being his agent, but who I think was his agent….and he said he would drop off scripts at Channing’s house early in his career, and he’d open the door fully naked….and his wife would be fully naked…and they would try to get the agent naked….because they were having some “naked day”….and I thought that was one of the better Hollywood story I’ve heard from an agent, usually they are more cunty…and I’m more into showing their cunt…something Jenna Dewan Tatum isn’t doing….but that you now that cunt is grinding up on some bed sheets…and sometimes that’s enough..

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  • Phooey640

    What kind of sick pervert is so insecure that he has to post nude photos of his wife. If I had a wife, I would want her naked but wouldn’t want to share her with anybody.

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  • gwen

    The only reason she didn’t kill his butt is because she looks like that! Lol