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Kristen Bell Getting Ready for the Golden Globes of the Day


Kristen Bell posed some snaps or pics of her getting ready – which gets the voyeuristic fetish that every mothefucker has and has always had..it’s why we gossip…it’s why we climb up trees to watch people change or shower…it’s the story of my fucking life…yet I hate social media, I hate snapchat, I hate youtube and I hate VLOGS but maybe I just hate people – and liked when the internet was anonymous….or maybe I am just a creep who likes my voyeurism to be old school…and challenging..rather then served on a silver spoon….

Yet….she’s wearing butt pad underwear…showing it to the world…and there’s something, very little, but something magical about that..

She’s looking old, because she’s fucked with her face getting fillers, because girls don’t realize that gentle wrinkles doesn’t make you look old. but jacking your face does…but whatever…voyeurism…

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  • FxMx42

    Love her!

  • gwen

    Really like her and I would love to try a pair of those booty undies lol.

  • RonnieJamesRio

    “….would love to try a pair of those booty undies”
    Yea, right after she had wore them all day, right! know what your saying chief wear them right on top of my head.