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Kristen Bell Tits of the Day

Kristen Bell is relatively uninteresting, watching her and her husband Dax promote themselves in what is one of the more annoying late 90s teen comedy unions, besides Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddy Prinze Jr….but people like her, and now they have more reason to like her, because she’s got tits…

Maybe it’s a post pregnancy implant situation – that makes her a lot more interesting or appealing…maybe it’s movie magic…maybe looking at Kristen Bell tits is kinda dull, boring, uninteresting, uneventful and all that…but dammit…they are tits and that is the whole point of them…to be stared at…and I guess to feed babies and all that other biological purpose….like making men think you’re fertile enough to cum inside you because on a genetic level that’s what we as men are attracted to…

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Kristen Bell Getting Ready for the Golden Globes of the Day


Kristen Bell posed some snaps or pics of her getting ready – which gets the voyeuristic fetish that every mothefucker has and has always had..it’s why we gossip…it’s why we climb up trees to watch people change or shower…it’s the story of my fucking life…yet I hate social media, I hate snapchat, I hate youtube and I hate VLOGS but maybe I just hate people – and liked when the internet was anonymous….or maybe I am just a creep who likes my voyeurism to be old school…and challenging..rather then served on a silver spoon….

Yet….she’s wearing butt pad underwear…showing it to the world…and there’s something, very little, but something magical about that..

She’s looking old, because she’s fucked with her face getting fillers, because girls don’t realize that gentle wrinkles doesn’t make you look old. but jacking your face does…but whatever…voyeurism…

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Kristen Bell Bathing Suit Pic from Afar of the Day


Kristen Bell was cast to act in a viral video that I assume went viral because even I wrote about it…released by huffington post…who probably paid her more than they paid the other actresses…because pay inequality happens between women apparently…

I guess she’s on some mission to come across as a fighter of women’s rights, maybe that’s why she did the video…or maybe she wants to seem relatable and not a celebrity who gets paid far too much for what she considers “work”…thanks so some solid scam her and her husband DAX pulled off. They love talking about their 200 dollar wedding, like that is reflective of anything they do in their life…from staff, to maids, to stupid rich person houses…but sure..they are just like you…

She’s gone so far to prove that she’s just a middle aged yabo from the fucking suburbs by posing in her bathing suit from a mile away…paddleboarding…the whitest female in her 30s thing to do…maybe she even did some YOGA poses on the shit…in what looks like a white trash lake…because she’s so down to earth…

The good news is that I know her fans are able to jerk off to this, which is less a sign of how thirsty she is and more a sign of how thirsty you fucking weirdo perverts are…she was Veronica Mars…you liked that…I get it…still weird.

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Kristen Bell Pay Equity Nonsense of the Day

The only thing I know about gender wage gaps – is that women would complain even if they were making more money then men – because they are women and in being women, all fueled by emotion and overreacting, that’s what they do. It’s a fact, I’ll make a satirical video about it to prove it…like Huff/Po did with this shit…

I’m not going to go into the “they should be happy they are allowed to vote” angle, because I am a feminist…people laugh when I say that…but I am a feminist. I believe in a woman’s right to do anything she wants, for any pay she wants. I also think that women are smarter, more educated, try harder because dudes don’t take them seriously, and besides emotional behavior and women overcompensating in the workforce and thus acting like rigid men, the worst part of men, a way to stake their claim or worth…they are an organized species, that made great secretaries…and ran households…and if they put in the hours…without being distracted by birthing, an actual issue in their lives..they do great things…it’s not a gender issue…

But people are so quit to pull the trigger warning on PAY EQUITY….and I think in general, people are lazy, people are bad negotiators, people do the least amount of work possible and feel entitled to just have a job, and that is not gender specific….

I think there are a lot of factors that go into this famous 77 cents on a dollar number always thrown at us by people who probably read one article on the subject…

I mean even this video of an actress, a fucking actress, not an authority on anything but maybe bad comedy, which is probably why they brought her in… who has a networth of over 15 million dollars -something many men can’t relate to having…despite being an unqualified college drop out – all because she plays make belief a few times a year…has no right having an opinion of anything that affects the common man…she is not common, and he makes a lot more than 77 cents on my dollar.

Maybe she’s mad that she got paid 1 million on a movie the male role made 1.23 million…shut the fuck up and get a better agent…

I want a PHD professor who has spend 40 years studying this shit, drawing charts for me, not throwing low level clickbait gags at me…

This doesn’t touch on any actual fact or represent every company, it doesn’t consider the various ways this 77 cents on a dollar number came about – it’s just a comedic satirical approach that despite being produced by a site / publication people consider a news source….is not actual news…because it is probably produced by a woman…and they were too busy getting 77 cents on a dollar to figure it the fuck out…

This is called pandering to a clickbait audience – and people eat it up because people are idiots…

Here she is in a magazine promoting herself..

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Kristen Bell Panty Flash of the Day


Kristen Bell is flashing panties. I don’t know when this picture is from, if it is old or new, but I guess any mom of two with one of the more annoying actors in hollywood, should be thanked for wearing panties, it’s like we don’t need to see none of that baby making mess when she’s getting out of a car…even though I wouldn’t be against seeing that baby making mess…as I like vaginas of all levels of ravaged…

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