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US Gymnasts in SI Swim of the Day

Show your American pride – by jerking off to the US Gymnast team in their bikinis for Sports Illustrated Swim’s 2017 magazine, yes they still do that magazine, even though everyone and their brother, mother and sister is a fucking bikini model these days thanks to social media…making the bikinis on successful athletes seem useless – in a produced photoshoot that would be better if it was a selfie – because people fucking love selfies….and apparently producing their own photoshoots…making this seem so silly…but it makes SI money, it’s their biggest selling issue, but not nearly as relevant as it once was – because people could jerk off to bikinis…and not just on girls they know on their facebook in bikinis, because bikinis aren’t throat fucking porn, the taste of people’s masturbation – but it’s nice to see the people at SI are dabbling in fetish content now – midgets with muscles who can eat their own assholes…with American pride component…brilliant.

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