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Selena Gomez Kisses the Weekend OMG of the Day


While Trump is being accused of having Russian hookers pee on him, something that is totally normal to have as a fetish, especially when you’re in a high stress position running a big business with an image to uphold…it’s hard to find things to get you off…

I know hookers who fuck high power dudes, and they do way more extreme things to them, often times when they wife is out at a function, or the museum or visiting her sick mom at the expensive hime….whether it’s being shit on, being sodomized by household objects…peeing, a sterile thing is not so extreme…

Selena Gomez, the mentally handicapped, incapable of surviving a tour, a break up with beiber, the stress of being a coddled Disney girl with too much money and lots of pain, not just because of the Lupus, but because she’s a whiner…is banging The Weekend like she was Bella Hadid and at least 3 girls I know who have confirmed he has a massive penis for her little gomez in her panties…that may not be that little…because Disney kids are fucked up and put all kinds of things in them….just to fill the void…in their soul…plus girls like big dicks…sucks to be you….

Well, I guess it’s a good thing to see she hasn’t died or killed herself yet…she’s bene too busy getting fucked and I guess I’m keeping track of it..like it matters…


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  • Nate Blank

    The Weeknd is gay so yea… staged?

  • richard.frazier.90@mail.ru

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  • Damien Michaels

    She’s finally gone lower than Demi Lavato. Way lower……………and kicked out of Taylors gang too.

  • gwen

    I hope that cute little girl is not going to act the fool over that man.