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Bella Thorne in a Bikini of the Day

In the event you didn’t hear the screaming..the “look at me, look at me, look at me”…or “follow me, follow me, follow me”….or “like my pics, like my pics, like my pics”….coupled with the tits, the bikinis, the butt shots, the pics of dicks being retweeted…

Bella Thorne is still on social media…and using it as her marketing platform so that people know she exists enough to hire you to work in their shows…making her Florida Trash family pretty pumped

And I think she’s been wonderful this entire time…with every move she makes…I just don’t understand why she looks like a fit 40 year old…I want a damn birth certificate to confirm we’re dealing with jailbait…she’s the Obama of shameless girls on social media…prove you’re worthy…girl.

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