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Vanessa Hudgens Fit Booty and Snapchat Erotica of the Day


Vanessa Hudgens used to be referred to at PUDGENS because she was new Hollywood, on a shitty Disney show but famous as fuck – and cocky as fuck and figured the jobs would keep rolling the fuck in….but as time went on, and the show was off the air – and no more movies were being made…that craft services face stuffing turned to being disciplined and fit..because this ass…is a winner…it could be the pants, sure, but at least it’s not her 40 pounds ago…because being fuckable is a key part of her job – despite what the feminists say…but they don’t realize if I wanted to see some fat bitch on TV, I’d just go to the local bar with a video camera…hollywood is aspirational..sell me what I don’t have to distract me from what I do have…fuckers…and sometimes a bitch in the biz, realizes that, knows her role, and does good for all of us…


She’s got a snapchat:

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